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How It Works
IP Telephone Systems & The Cloud

Fast, Easy, Affordable, Secure, and Reliable

Simplifying Contact Centre Infrastructure
Five9 gives you everything you need to get your contact centre up and running fast. We provide the contact centre software, the phone service, software-based phones, and even new 800 numbers if you need them.
What Is a Cloud Contact Centre?
A cloud contact centre includes your telephone service and the software needed to handle, track, and manage incoming and outgoing customer and prospect interactions. These interactions can include calls, on-line and mobile chats, emails, and social media. Our software runs on a shared network and infrastructure, and is provided over the Internet as a monthly service. Our platform was designed from the ground up to provide all the capabilities you’re accustomed to having with on-premise contact centre solutions and with all the inherent business benefits of Internet applications. Instead of having to design, build, manage, monitor, integrate, maintain, and upgrade all of your contact centre systems yourself, we do it all for you.
Five9: The All-Inclusive Contact Centre

We supply the phone lines, software-based phones, reporting and recording capabilities, and software for the agent, supervisor, and administrator. We also provide multichannel routing, which enables you to engage with your customers over the phone or through chat, email, or social media. In addition we provide IVR, screen pop/CTI, and automated outbound dialers. With Five9, you can blend your operations—automatically switch agents between taking inbound calls and making outbound calls. We can even supply new 800 numbers and local caller ID numbers for outbound calling.

Five9 also offers options such as Workforce Optimization, including Workforce Management and Quality Management. We provide pre-built integrations to most CRM solutions and APIs that allow you to integrate to legacy systems.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

Not much, really—you don’t even need a telephone. All you need is a headset, an Internet connection, and a computer. Agents and supervisors can log in from anywhere. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

You can even get set up with a free trial if you would like to try out the system first. Just talk to one of our sales managers, and they can get you started. Once your trial is complete and you’re signed up for our service, our implementation managers will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get up and running quickly.

Why Five9

Our 2,100+ customers consistently tell us they chose Five9 because we’re fast, easy, affordable, secure, and reliable.

They also tell us our people, our processes, and our support make us different from other cloud contact centre vendors. Five9 focuses 100% on cloud contact centre software; it's all we do. Five9 knows we have to win your business each and every month, and we are committed to making you successful.

Learn How to Start a Call Centre with Five9

Data Sheet: Inside the Five9 Cloud — A Technical Overview of the Five9 System

To manage millions of calls every day, Five9 relies on a combination of redundant data centres, state-of-the-art server architecture, 24/7 traffic monitoring, and security measures that far exceed industry standards. The result: Powerful, scalable, and secure cloud solutions that some of the biggest names in business trust to run their contact centre.