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VoIP Contact Centre

Enhance your communications with Voice Over IP Technology

VoIP Contact Centre

Don't Settle for VoIP. Get an Entire Contact Centre

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) has experienced significant and steady market, with many organizations realizing unprecedented benefits from this new mode of telephony — specifically in terms of cost, scalability and business continuity. But what is VoIP? In a nutshell, it enables voice and other messaging capabilities to be carried out over the Internet by transforming communications into Internet Protocol (IP) data. This mode of voice, and even video, delivery has drastically lowered, or eliminated, the cost of communications, with most consumers using VoIP in one form or another on a regular basis (e.g., Skype, WhatsApp, Line, et al.).

For small businesses and medium-sized organizations, VoIP has been an even larger boon in offering cost-effective business telephony and communications. VoIP office phone systems are not uncommon, but the time has come to re-evaluate these solutions for operational fit, quality of service and cost effectiveness in light of evolving VoIP technologies.

Small-business VoIP users may be content with current low or no-cost VoIP solutions. But they should realize that a new breed of solutions and offerings provide a range of VoIP turnkey business solutions for a variety of cases. Just opting for barebones DIY VoIP services means patching together a patchwork quilt of disparate solutions that are functional at best. Five9's technology offers a unified platform streamlined to provide users with an optimal experience across the suite.

Five9’s cloud call center technology is better than VoIP, enabling the delivery of quality services to customers in any manner they wish to communicate: phone, web, chat, email, mobile app or social media. This solution enhances the value realized from VoIP with Five9’s innovative Connect — a proprietary technology layer that supports multichannel applications for superior customer care, technical support and more.

For example, by using Five9’s solutions, small- to medium-sized online retailers can provide an end-to-end unified customer experience. This is especially critical in cases involving troubleshooting and resolution of customer incidents and support tickets. With Five9’s cloud-based solution, everything from voice communications to workforce management and CRM integration is streamlined into one singular offering, allowing businesses to be more customer-focused. And though standard VoIP services may allow one to make and receive calls from anywhere, a fully-featured VoIP contact center like Five9's enables even better customer interactions because your business can:

  • Field communications from many channels, phone, email, chat, web
  • Pop-up saved info about the customer’s previous interactions with your company
  • Intelligently route contacts to the right people so questions get answered the first time.
  • In short, VoIP is a much more powerful way of taking and making calls, and Five9 enables businesses of all sizes to improve their customer engagements. By leveraging VoIP and other technologies in building a new model for cloud call centers, Five9 not only lowers communications costs but also enables a high level of flexibility and scalability for businesses. Have questions about how a VoIP powered contact center can help your business? Contact Five9 for a free consultation and quick pricing quote.