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Five9 call center software integrates with Salesforce

Prebuilt integrations with Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, Velocify, Zendesk, Microsoft, and other leading CRMs.

Five9 Call Center CRM Solutions

Integrating Five9 with Salesforce

In a global marketplace where product selection and pricing stay competitive across multiple businesses, there's one factor that customers look at when they're choosing whom to do business with: the customer experience. In fact, according to American Express, for 68 percent of customers a good customer experience is valued more than competitive pricing. Optimizing your customer support is a significant factor in improving the customer experience, and speed and efficiency are major aspects to support satisfaction.

If you think about it, you already have a wealth of customer information contained in the CRM you use, such as Salesforce. You just need a way to get that data to your frontline agents. That's where Five9 comes in.

What Five9 Offers Your Salesforce Call Center

Five9 integrates with leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Oracle, Netsuite, Velocify, Zendesk and Microsoft. This solution has prebuilt integrations designed to give your agents the most important customer data to speed up support call resolution. The call process goes quicker from the start, as the CRM data helps the agent automatically identify customers. Customer verification questions contribute to the length of the call, and cost companies $12.4 billion per year. Your agents also know the customer's purchase history, giving them the opportunity to predict potential issues the customer is calling about.

Why Integrate Your Call Center Software with a CRM System?

Many customers contacting support are already frustrated, and depending on your call volume, your customers may be further annoyed by hold time. Asking them to wait once again while customer information is collected and supporting documents and scripts are loaded detracts from the customer experience.

Contact center software provides your agents with the customer's previous history, account size and whether the agent needs to route the call to a specialist, all of which can be handled automatically. The contact center software routes calls based on multiple configurations, such as IVR selections, agent availability, customer history and other factors.

Five9 uses screen pops to pull data from Salesforce into your call center providing better visibility for customer data as well as a complete history. With this information, agents can dive right in to solving the customer's problem, and can greet him or her warmly by name. This integration creates a seamless customer experience that helps to improve retention, agent productivity and your company's service reputation.

Why Choose Five9?

Because of a close partnership between the two companies, Five9 integrates deeply with the Salesforce CRM. This partnership enables Five9 to build contact center software that handles integration and other features in the best way possible. However, if you don't use Salesforce, this call center software also works with other top CRM companies. Whether you're with Salesforce, Oracle, or any other CRM, Five9 offers an intuitive platform, with an easy-to-use interface that cuts down on agent training time and makes their jobs easier.

Five 9 provides professional services that change call center software deployment timelines to weeks instead of months, and the company also offers 24/7 support for any problems that arise. Finally, Five9 is the leading solution for CRM integration in a contact center software, trusted by over 2,000 contact centers.

Want to learn more about what Five9's contact center software can offer you? Get in touch to ask us any questions you have about our leading contact center solution. We'll provide you with a consultation to see if our software fits your business, as well as ball-park pricing around your business's needs.

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