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Use AI to Create a New Digital Workforce

Best-in-class Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agents function as a digital workforce, automating interactions and assisting your live agents.

  • Cut service costs by up to 90%.
  • Lower agent handle time by 15%.
  • Reduce the number of incoming calls to live agents by up to 68%.
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Depend on Your Digital Workforce 24x7

The Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent can take your contact center’s productivity to another level. Our best-in-class IVAs automate interactions and assist your live agents, reducing service costs while you deliver a more conversational service experience. It’s like having a brand new, international team that speaks hundreds of languages and streamlines your most critical business operations.

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The New Digital Workforce from Five9.


of agents are expected to support multiple channels


of agents said legacy systems are a customer experience issue


of contact centers experienced increased call volume in 2020
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Your Digital Workforce Will Power Your Business Transformation

  • Keep up with increased service demand

    They scale on demand to help you respond to more service requests across more channels.

  • Manage escalating service cost

    Virtual agents cost about 10% of a human agent, work 24/7, and never take breaks. Your IVAs won’t just power your transformation, they’ll fund your transformation.

  • Give your customers the service experience they deserve

    Virtual agents use speech recognition and natural language understanding to interact with your customers and provide a conversational self-service experience.

  • Retain and motivate your agents

    Agent burnout is bad for your agents and bad for your business. AI can now augment and assist your employees, helping them to resolve problems with less effort.

“Our customers are receiving answers in a natural, conversational way without speaking to a live agent. It’s allowed us to scale our service without compromising quality.”




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Meet Your New Digital Agents.

Intelligent Virtual Agent
Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA)

Automate routine interactions with conversational AI

Agent Assist
Agent Assist

Automatically transcribe calls and coach agents, reducing call time

Agent Assist
Workflow Automation

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and automate systems

The Digital Workforce Platform

  • No Code IVA Development

    Web-based, drag-and-drop service creation environment, where non-technical business professionals can build virtual agent applications.

  • Conversational AI Abstraction

    Enables you to build self-service applications that can harness the power of multiple conversational AI engines and APIs.

  • Shared Components

    Allows you to use common AI components for both your self-service and employee assistance applications.

  • Context Preservation

    Preserves the context of previous conversations as your customers access self-service through multiple channels.

  • Workflow Automation

    Allows you to automate back-office tasks and can be activated by a virtual or human agent.

  • Third Party Application Integration

    Through our VoiceStream API, you can now use leading AI applications to extend your digital workforce solution.

Digital Workforce Platform
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Low Price, Total Flexibility.


Pay Only for What You Need

Pricing is based on the number of seats, usage, and features. If you only need 3 seats, you only pay for 3 seats. Changing that number is easy.


No Infrastructure Costs

All you need is a computer, Internet, and a headset. Five9 is in the cloud, so there are no big up-front costs. No servers. No technicians. No maintenance.


No Surprises

Pricing is simple. The basic product includes a generous set of features and popular bundled plans with unlimited talk-time and monthly per-agent fees. Unbundled pricing is available.


No Long-Term Contracts

Choose a month-to-month or annual plan. It's your choice. There are no long-term contracts to limit your flexibility.

What people are saying about our Contact Center Software...

Watch Callan Schebella, EVP of Product at Five9, Patrick Branley, Director of Technology at Pizza Hut Australia and Henry Hernandez, Director of NEMT at Alivi, for this 20-minute on-webinar to learn why now is the time to embrace a digital workforce from IVAs for self-service to AI-enabled live agent coaching.

Patrick Branley

Director of Technology, Pizza Hut Australia