Drive Revenue, Please Customers By Connecting Customer Journeys

Forrester Report

Why read this report? You’ll learn how:

  • Improvements in self-service drive tougher requests to the contact center

  • Poor coordination across touchpoint stakeholders impedes customer journeys

  • Migrating to a more standardized architecture supports cross-channel integration


This Forrester report covers both the technology landscape and organizational best practices needed to support a more seamless, omnichannel customer journey between self-service touchpoints and contact centers.

Forrester Report

At Five9, we understand that modern consumers expect to be able to engage with businesses on the channel of their choice, whether it’s in email, a phone call or a video chat. True service differentiation requires businesses to recognize the demands of today’s omnichannel consumer and requires a fully integrated approach across the entire customer journey. We hope you enjoy and find value in this report.

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