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El Marcador Predictivo de Five9

Aumenta la Productividad del Agente en un 300%

  • Controla de forma adaptativa el ritmo de marcación de llamadas salientes
  • El marcado se produce solmente cuando los agentes están disponibles
  • De forma automática deja un correo de voz grabado mientras sigue con la siguiente llamanda
  • Mantiene la máxima eficiencia de los agentes

Quality Management from Five9

Five9 Hace Más Productivo Su Call Center

El software Five9 para call centers permite que los agentes sean más eficaces en el teléfono — por lo que pueden vender más y ofrecer mejor servicio. Los marcadores inteligentes dan a los agentes más tiempo con perspectivas en vivo. El enrutamiento inteligente recipe llamadas para el agente adecuado. La información en pantalla del usuario coloca los datos del cliente a su alcance. Y todo se registra automáticamente en su CRM.

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Smart Dialer

Minimize Agent Waiting

The Five9 dialer predicts when agents will be available and has new customers on the phone ready for them. This reduces time wasted on dialing and waiting for no-answers.



On-Screen Caller Info

Instant Prospect Details

Screen pops show agents who they are talking to and give them the prospect history. Agents can greet a prospect by name and dive right into the call without wasting time on preliminaries.

Intelligent Routing

Agent-Caller Matching

The Five9 software routes calls to the right agent. Customers can be routed based on IVR selections, customer history, agent availability, and more. Routing can be changed at a click.


Call Centers con Llamadas Mixtas

Llamadas entrantes, llamadas salientes, y multicanales — integradas


Llamadas Entrantes a Call Centers



Multicanales en Call Centers

Social, Móvil, Correo Electrónico, y Chat


Llamadas Salientes desde Call Centers

TCPA, Llamada Predictiva, Potencia, y Marcación Progresiva

Why Five9?

Now more than ever, the contact center is the front door for many businesses.
At Five9, we are on a mission to help transform your contact center to meet customers’ heightened expectations while engaging and empowering your agents to deliver more human experiences.

Customer First

Customer First

Achieve success with our business results approach to sales, implementation, and service.

Completely Customizable

Completely Customizable

Adapt the cloud contact center to the needs of your business - not the other way around.

Reliable & Secure

Reliable & Secure

Count on guaranteed uptime, crystal clear voice, and the most stringent levels of security.

Empower Your Agents

Empower Your Agents

Make it easy for your agents to deliver the superior experience your customers want.

Con Five9, podemos hacer con 10 personas lo que otros hacen con 25.

Low Price, Total Flexibility

"We have found that Five9 has the optimal value"

Hear why more than 2,000 companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises have chosen Five9.

Pay Only for What You Need

  • Pricing is based on the number of seats, usage, and features. If you only need 3 seats, you only pay for 3 seats. Changing that number is easy.


No Long-Term Contracts

  • Choose a month-to-month or annual plan. It's your choice. There are no long-term contracts to limit your flexibility.

No Infrastructure Costs

  • All you need is a computer, Internet, and a headset. Five9 is in the cloud, so there are no big up-front costs. No servers. No technicians. No maintenance.

No Surprises

  • Pricing is simple. The basic product includes a generous set of features and popular bundled plans with unlimited talk-time and monthly per-agent fees. Unbundled pricing is available.

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Blended Contact Center

Data Sheet

Get all the benefits of feature-rich on-premise systems with none of the hassle. The Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC) suite gives your people the tools they need to make powerful customer connections while delivering the results your business requires.

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10 Reasons to Use the Cloud


The contact center infrastructure market is undergoing a major revolution, moving from complex, on-premise, multi-vendor technology to easy-to-use, all-in-one software suites in the cloud. ls moving your contact center to the cloud right for your business?

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