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CallTower Deploys SoCoCare for Social Media Engagement, Lead Generation and Customer Care

SAN DIEGO, CA-- SoCoCare, the leading all-in-one provider of social media engagement for customer care and sales solutions, announced today that CallTower, the leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class unified communications solutions, has deployed SoCoCare as their company-wide social engagement solution for all of their customer facing departments.

CallTower identified their need to blend sales, marketing, and management functions into the same social engagement platform. SoCoCare's built-in automatic post tagging, dispositioning, and routing make it easy for CallTower to share the use of the system between departments. With SoCoCare's Natural Language Processing engine, posts can be automatically dispositioned for review or response, routed to a queue for service and support or routed to sales and business development.

"We are thrilled to see the SoCoCare solution be utilized across multiple departments to fulfill various social engagement needs," said Lance Fried, CEO of SoCoCare. "This deployment shows the versatility behind SoCoCare's technology."

As a way of identifying future customers, SoCoCare helped CallTower develop multi-level social data mining queries for social conversations. The SoCoCare platform combines the ability to do core "big data" acquisition and curation with the ability to properly characterize each social post for further review by CallTower business development staff. Additionally, in order to keep tabs on competitors and better understand marketplace trends, SoCoCare has given CallTower the ability to run competitive mention reports on demand that allow management to easily identify conversation topics and trends that are the most relevant regarding competitors.

"The SoCoCare system is truly an all-in-one solution for social engagement across all of our customer-facing departments. This includes business development, sales and marketing," says Clay Shubin, CallTower's Vice President, Sales & Alliances. "The ability for the platform to automatically identify spam, sentiment and business issues will not only save us a lot of time reading social posts, but also enable quicker response to customers and prospects alike."

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SoCoCare is part of the Hyfiniti portfolio of cloud-based customer care offerings including InAppCare (Mobile Customer Care) and Hold-Free Networks (Callback and Queue Management). SoCoCare products are developed to deliver a more dignified customer service experience over social channels as both a stand-alone solution or as an integrated solution with partners such as Service Cloud, Telligent Community & Enterprise and inContact Cloud Contact Center solutions. The company was founded by a group of contact center and cloud-offering professionals who understand today's socially connected, smartphone savvy, and generally demanding customer. Learn more at

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