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[PODCAST] The 2 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Launching Any AI Product

Jonathan Rosenberg on That's Genius

What’s the strategy? A simple, but unmissable question for every product launch.

Every product has a beginning, and there are 2 questions our CTO Jonathan Rosenberg says every new product strategy should address.

Having worked with Microsoft, Cisco, Skype, Nokia, and now at Five9 as CTO & Head of AI, Jonathan has considerable technical chops and knows how to deliver a product that no one else has, but every customer needs.

Here’s the two-question strategy he uses when launching a new product:

1) What customer need(s) are we addressing?

What, specifically, are we tackling for our end-users?

Customers may be completely aware of these needs, or totally oblivious.

It sounds simple because it is. But don’t miss it.

2) How are we addressing that need differently?

Marketers and business academics call this “differentiation.” It’s a big word for the simple construct: How are we different?

Find what sets you apart from your competition.

When you answer these 2 questions, you can create a product that no competitor possesses, while fixing problems like no one else.

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