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[PODCAST] Unleash Your Contact Center Data and Unleash Extraordinary Customer Experience

That's Genius! Podcast

Contact centers are a wealth of data. But unfortunately, they're not always utilized that way. And more importantly, those insights are rarely used to deliver a great customer experience.

That's why we've started using the term “Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.”

Moving to the cloud is the first step to becoming an intelligent contact center, to delivering a great experience. The cloud promises security, reliability, and scalability. 

And the second step? It’s all about unleashing the data. Customers want businesses to know them. They want you to know that they experienced an outage last week. Or that they just placed another large order with you. 

By tracking the data, and their past experiences, agents and supervisors are able to tailor future experiences in a way that best addresses each customer’s needs. 

People don’t want ordinary experiences. They want extraordinary ones. And you create those for your customers by unlocking your customer insights. 

These are thoughts from my recent conversation with Scott Kolman, VP Corporate and Product Marketing at Five9. He came on the That’s Genius! podcast to tell us all about the intelligent cloud contact center. 

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