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[PODCAST] Why You Should Consider a Customer Advocacy Program w/ Cindy Seto

That's Genius! Podcast

What exactly is customer advocacy? It can be a little difficult to define. In essence, customer advocacy involves putting the customer first and helping them reach the best decision for them.

The overarching goal of a customer advocacy program is to be so accommodating that prospects turn into recurring customers then turn into advocates.

It’s all about the customer!

It’s also worth wondering… How do you go about sharing happy customers’ stories?

Because you need prospects to hear about how awesome your company is!

Our very own Five9 Customer Advocacy Manager, Cindy Seto, gives us multiple methods of sharing customer success stories.

1. Case studies

Write a smashing piece of content that details the story of your partnership.

2. Testimonials

Ask your advocates for written or recorded testimonials.

3. Videos

Head to your customer’s HQ to shoot some authentic promotional vids.

P.S. - These pieces of content will be beneficial for the customer too!

Listen to the full episode, here.