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[PODCAST] What You Need to Know About Latin America’s Cloud Technology Landscape w/ Raphael Spinelli

That's Genius! Podcast

Latin American countries tend to be 4 or 5 years behind developed regions in adopting new technology. Nonetheless, there’s a growing interest in improving UX through cloud services.

That means traditional in-house infrastructure is falling by the wayside.

Raphael Spinelli, CEO of Optimi Solutions, fills us in on the current landscape of cloud tech in Latin American countries.

Most Latin American agencies want to be able to manage their customers’ experiences.

They want to reduce friction in the sales cycle. They want seamless transitions for new clients. They want data storage to be cost-efficient.

These are the reasons why new agencies are going straight to the cloud. These are also the reasons why companies stuck in traditional mindsets are being left in the dust.

The traditional CTO:

  • Believes their main role is to manage equipment

  • Is concerned with the implementation and maintenance of hardware and software

The new CTO:

  • Are facilitators of business growth

  • Integrate cloud offerings

Which are you?

To hear the full interview, click here.