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[PODCAST] 3 Trends to Watch in the Travel Personalization Industry w/ Mark Jordan and Richard Crowther

That's Genius! Podcast

Hotel rooms, rentable condos, #VanLife, RVs, rental cars, backpacking, pull-along tiny homes. Tours, excursions, experiences, relaxation. Is there a limit to travel personalization?

With our modern on-demand mentality, it’s sometimes difficult for travel websites or apps to give us exactly what we want. As travel service providers, we want to customize the user’s experience as much as possible, but also keep the cost down.

Richard Crowther, Lead Solutions Architect at Babble, and Mark Jordan, Managing Director at Babble, sit down with us to discuss travel tech and personalization.

They give us 3 key travel tech trends to watch into 2020:

1.) Customized personal experiences.

Travelers no longer want to pick a default holiday off the shelf. They want freedom. They want personalization.

2.) Online conversions are starting to catch up to on-the-phone purchases.

Travel technology is starting to become smarter and more in-tune with the user’s intent.

3.) Tying the online experience together.

Just as they want a smooth holiday, travelers want a smooth online experience.

Want to hear the full interview live from CX Summit? You can listen here.