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[PODCAST] Why AI is Overhyped, But Underused w/ Brian Atkinson

That's Genius! podcast

Everyone’s got that buzz-term that they’re sick of. That they’d be fine if they never heard again. 




On a recent episode of the That’s Genius podcast, Brian Atkinson talked about his role in the EMEA marketplace, partner ecosystems, and shared his least favorite buzz term. What was it? 

AI… Yup, AI. But don’t write him off as a luddite. 

“I think specifically in the customer contact space, the term AI has been so overused in the marketplace because people think it’s a grand-scale, long-term, culture-shifting thing. It doesn’t have to be.” 

What’s the secret? 

Look at the short term. Let the long term come to fruition in it’s own time. 

From the customer contact perspective, it’s all about what small changes you can make today? What can you PRACTICALLY implement today that will get you short term wins? 

Then, once that’s in place, you look to the long term to see how to leverage the treasure troves of data that is sitting in your contact centers. 

Decide how to use AI to leverage THAT data. 

If “data is the new oil, then we’ve got to figure out how to most effectively and practically leverage and aggregate that data.”

How are you using AI? 

Listen to the entire interview here.