The Single Most Effective Strategy That Will Increase Call Connections

In a world where most mobile communication is done through text messaging or emails, phone calls are screened and are more and more reserved for friends and family.

For contact centers, this creates a problem that can significantly affect your metrics and efficiency of your agents.

So let’s take a look at how local call presentation can give your outbound contact center a great advantage.

What is Local Call Presentation?

For many people, an immediate red flag is raised when their phone rings and they see a phone number that begins with “800” or “888”.

People are also hesitant to answer phone calls from an “unknown” or “unavailable” phone number.

Local call presentation is a feature of contact center software that substitutes an out of area or 800 number with a number specific to the location that you are dialing.

For instance, if you call a lead in Upstate New York, they will see an Upstate New York phone number.

Why Local Call Presentation Works

One reason local call presentation works well is because it’s familiar.

Studies have shown that prospects are four times more likely answer a phone call from an area code they recognize.

Personalization is also an important factor.

Calling back to an 800 number instinctively makes people feel that they are calling into a contact center, where their phone call will be routed to any available agent.

Calling back to a local phone number, though, puts them at ease and makes them feel as though they are calling someone, as opposed to an impersonal corporation.

What Local Call Presentation Can Do For You

Local call presentation isn’t just a feature to be used by big businesses and major corporations.

Prospects won’t care how big or small your company is, if they see a number they don’t recognize, chances are, it won’t be answered.

It also allows you to remotely expand your business.

You can have contact center agents who live on the east coast dialing leads who live on the west coast. And with phone numbers that reflect where the lead lives, you’re demonstrating that you’ve done business and are familiar with their area.

With contact center software, even the smallest of sales teams have the ability to “call local.”

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