Why Call Voice Quality Is More Important Than You Think

As a business owner, you must strike the perfect balance between cost-efficiency and excellent customer service. One critical factor for your ability to sell more and serve better is the quality of your calls. After all, what will your customer think of your business if the call is all jittery? And how can you sell or serve if your customer can't hear you?

Why Call Quality Matters

Imagine you see someone driving a sports car.

The paint job is ruined, the back bumper is hanging off, and the side mirror is held on by duct-tape.

What would this tell you about the owner?

Probably that the car didn’t mean much to them.

That’s the same perception that customers have when they call into a contact center with poor call quality.

Dropped or distorted calls lead to disappointed and angry customers, which ultimately affects your profitability and contact center efficiency.

This was the challenge NetSuite was having when they turned to Five9.

Imagine you have a critical project and you can’t get the answers you need, because you can’t hear the person you’re talking to. Our customers would have to repeat things, and sometimes the agent would misunderstand and go down the wrong path.” – Bernie Fraser, Technical Support Director at NetSuite

Don't Save Money in the Wrong Places

Sure, there are alternatives to contact center software out on the market today.

You could easily use Skype or VoIP services to serve as a contact center for your business.

But these methods rely solely on your public Internet connection, so your call quality is directly linked to the quality of your Internet.

Keep in mind that your business uses the Internet for daily operation, not just for your contact center. In times of heavy internet usage, this creats latency and results in jittery and garbled call quality.

A great benefit of contact center software like Five9 is that it uses a combination of traditional copper connection and VoIP to maintain high call quality, no matter what your VoIP traffic looks like. You get crystal clear, carrier grade voice quality that gives you the peace of mind to know that you are providing the best experience to your customers no matter when they call.

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