Acuity digitally transforms performance management and employee engagement initiatives so customer contact organizations can better understand and align their operations, enhance employee and customer experiences, and drive improved financial and operational performance—regardless of where their agents are physically working.

Product Details

TouchPoint One’s Acuity platform is a digital employee engagement and performance management solution that collects, generates, and synthesizes disparate systems data to fuel an integrated suite of specialized business tools including role-based dashboards, agent coaching, quality and compliance monitoring, and the best gamification features available – all delivered in a Cloud-based SaaS model. Contact centers leaders are drawn to Acuity for its documented record of fixing attrition, absenteeism, performance, and engagement challenges and reducing operational expense.

Performance Management and Employee Engagement platform:

Geared specifically for Five9, Acuity fixes data management headaches and expense, boosts workforce engagement, and improves business results.

Role-Based Dashboards:

Provide a single source of truth with real-time, actionable KPIs pulled from Five9 and other systems’ data.

Performance Gamification:

Five9 Acuity gamification focuses employees on what’s important, builds team camaraderie, and boosts workforce and customer engagement.

Agent Coaching:

Structured, data-driven coaching and support platform for Five9 geared specifically for supervisors and team leaders establishes standardized, agile team leader routines across all critical metrics.

Scoring Logic Engine:

Enables business users to easily create and adjust KPIs, performance levels, balanced scorecards, and other performance scoring attributes.

Quality & Compliance Monitoring:

Tailored agent evaluation and monitoring improves the effectiveness of your QA and critical business processes.

Virtual Meeting and Screen Share:

Coach, motivate, train, and support your remote workforce just as if they were in the office.




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