Authority Software

The Authority on Workforce Optimization

Product Details

    Authority is a leading workforce optimization platform provider that delivers real world solutions designed to maximize efficiency and provide the best customer experience. Authority’s quality assurance, scripting, workforce management, speech analytics and patented PCI compliance modules provide powerful tools that are easy to use and can be deployed at record speed. Authority’s solutions and experts deliver customized applications that remove complexity from the agent desktop, ensure compliance, and optimize resources and performance to improve service quality and productivity.

    Quality Assurance Management

      1. Cloud-based, natively integrated quality assurance management solutions that provide secure storage, playback and analysis of audio and video recordings.
      2. Built-in quality scoring tools and fully customizable forms that provide measurable and actionable insights

      Workforce Management

        1. Customizable and accurate forecasting and scheduling based on trends, not guesses, so that organizations are never over or under staffed.
        2. Rapid implementation in weeks, not months or even years.
        3. Affordable at any scale.

        PCI Redaction

          1. Comply with Payment Card Industry data security standards with patented technology that allows users to redact protected audio with sensitive information.
          2. Stitch and send functionality eliminates redacted information for a seamless review of audio and video files.

          Script Designer

            1. Quickly create call center scripts that eliminate irrelevant information and promote a consistent encounter.
            2. Fully customize your organization’s WFO environment with easy to use tools. No coding or IT background required.