CallMiner Eureka is an AI-fueled speech analytics and multichannel platform that applies automated scoring with emotion analysis and sensitive data redaction to enhance customer experience, contact center optimization, sales effectiveness and risk mitigation.

Product Details

Five9 users can take advantage of intelligence from 100% of their calls, chats, emails, and other contact center interactions with CallMiner analytics.  As an industry recognized leader in The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018, CallMiner reveals precise insight with auto-scored focus and self-customizable agility.   Manage beyond call statistics via agent behavioral metrics including empathy, ownership and more.

Real-Time and Post-Call:

Provide in-the-moment insight during a call to your supervisors and/or agents with CallMiner Alert.   Post-call analytics additionally provides rich intent, action and emotional insight with visualization and predictive trending.

Coaching Foundation:

Automated objective scoring for every interaction focused supervisory attention in the CallMiner Coach dashboard with assignment and case management.   An agent dashboard with peer performance comparison encourages a culture of optimization.

Customer Journey Mapping:

Automatically generates multichannel customer journey maps.   Self-customizable vertical axis maps touchpoints against CSAT or other metrics.   Each touchpoint is drillable for call listen or text review.

Packaged Acceleration:

CallMiner Solution Packs jumpstart speech analytics insight with out-of-the-box categories and scores.  Customer Experience, customer service, chat, sales and collections ensure rapid time to insight with self-customizable accuracy tuning.