Five9 Connector for CallSource

Improve customer experience with AI driven insights to improve agent effectiveness, engagement and retention.

Product Details

CallSource combines WFO with BPO to provide actionable analytics for contact center quality assurance and compliance. Leveraging human QA analysts, with available speech analytics, CallSource is able to pinpoint areas of improvement companywide down to individual agents. CallSource utilizes call recordings from Five9 to identify ongoing agent behaviors versus single instances. Our platform reduces resources needed and supports contact center managers to increase agent performance and immediately improve overall customer experience. Additionally, if you don’t have the time or simply need help in coaching agents directly, let CallSource do it for you.

Cloud Based Platform

Online and available 24/7. Specific permission levels allow data transparency respective to Owners, Managers, and Agents alike. Multiple dynamic dashboards allow key personnel to view information quickly and efficiently with no data storage limitations. Monitor agent performance, receive automated alert notifications, and track coaching sessions with ease.

Accuracy of Data

CallSource utilizes human analysts with greater than 97% accuracy on all calls processed. Our clients define what is qualified or not and our analysts score calls objectively. There’s no “probability” of an event happening on a call; either it did or didn’t. To further enhance the data, voice analytics is available with transcription, sentiment analysis, and keyword detection.

Fully Customizable Dynamic Scoring

We understand every conversation isn’t cookie-cutter or the same. Therefore, we are able to provide customized scoring options whether you want us to monitor 10 criteria points or 100. Dispositions sent through the Five9 connector allow us to tailor scoring appropriately so our analysis is always relevant to the conversation agents have with your customers.

Coaching Support

As part of our managed suite of services, CallSource offers 1-on-1, Team, or Train-the-Trainer Coaching Sessions. CallSource Coaches are over-the-phone virtual instructor-led sessions that review agent’s calls, provides feedback, and tracks progress over time.