Five9 Adapter for Clear Software

Provide a Customer 360° for your call center agents that spans all of your software systems, all seamlessly integrated with Five9’s platform.

Product Details

Clear Software is on a mission to simplify business software and make people more productive. Their ClearWork product provides a Customer 360° in a browser for call center agents. Five9 connects seamlessly to ClearWork through ClearProcess - their low-code Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that automates tedious tasks and complex workflows across systems such as SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Salesforce, and many other cloud and premise applications. ClearProcess provides more than 6,000 pre-delivered integrations into these systems with seamless REST integration. Clear particularly thrives in SAP integration for the Customer Service, Quote to Cash, and Procure to Pay business processes.

Single Source of Truth

ClearWork provides a single pane of glass for your business processes while ClearProcess can simultaneously connect to multiple systems.

Rapid Time to Value

ClearProcess has 6,000+ pre-built automations to systems such as SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Salesforce.

Global Scale

ClearProcess can handle billions of transactions daily across the globe.

Reusable Automations

ClearProcess automations can be used not just by Five9, but any application in a customer's IT landscape.