Unearth insights at scale from every customer-facing conversation to help make better decisions, drive behavior change, and increase performance across sales, support, marketing, and product with ExecVision's conversation intelligence platform.

Product Details

ExecVision ingests, transcribes, and analyzes business conversations to surface actionable data and insights. These insights empower organizations to make better decisions, coach and develop employees at scale, drive performance improvement, and ultimately generate more revenue through better conversations. ExecVision is leveraged by sales, support, customer success, and quality assurance teams to quickly locate and listen to calls, identify areas for improvement, and provide in-line feedback.

Smart Alerts

Customizable real-time or trend alerts for conversation activity, keywords and phrases, or account and opportunity action sent via email, Slack, ExecVision dashboards, mobile, Chrome, and/or Salesforce.

Performance Metrics

Enables agents to understand their own performance, compare conversation activity to team averages, and reflect on their self-review and coaching activity; managers to have an overview of current team performance and trends including a skills heatmap and feedback requests; and executives to understand coaching metrics and effectiveness.

Coaching Plans

Enables front-line managers to quickly identify performance gaps and take action to improve their team’s skills. Decide who and what to coach in seconds based on ExecVision’s artificial intelligence recommendations and create an individualized plan to get each person performing their best.

Conversation Libraries

Enables companies to organize and categorize the best customer conversations to be used in onboarding, coaching and training, as well as for voice-of-the-customer insights for marketing and product teams.