Globitel’s WFM Solution enables Contact Center managers to analyze their call workflow, efficiently forecast, schedule and monitor agents’ activities

Product Details

Globitel’s WFM solution provides measurable improvement in customer service level and quality, as well as cost savings resulting from more efficient forecasting and scheduling of agents based on their skills and contact center KPI’s. It also supplies real-time information about agents’ adherence to their schedules allowing operators to better manage the performance of their employees and their operations.

Reduce OPEX of managing workflow schedules:

A noticeable reduction in OPEX comes from the significant saving of the time and effort that managers and supervisors had to spend on manual scheduling

Increase agent productivity by utilizing efficient scheduling:

The WFM intelligent engine processes imported forecasts to generate optimized schedules that would balance different work constraints in complex multi-site, multi-skill contact centers. Moreover, a scheduling wizard offers a variety of settings that contact center managers and planning team have the flexibility to adjust in order to fit their own organization rules with less constrains on agents

Gain better insight of your intra-day activities:

WFM keeps contact center managers aligned with their team’s attendance and performance metrics. Supervisors and team leaders can manage contact centers’ daily operations as they have the capacity to apply changes on already assigned schedules, set leaves, absences, add activities as well as approve or decline leave & swap requests.

Immediately act to any irregularity in the traffic flow through online monitoring:

Online Adherence: Online dashboard that shows agents’ schedules, current assigned activity, actual on-phone status, lateness and absenteeism guideline and agents checking in\out during the following hour.

Realtime Adherence: displays detailed agent adherence status, in addition to the ability to assign out of adherence exceptions using pre-defined business reasons.

Real vs Forecast View: Enhanced statistical view to show and compare forecasted call volumes, average handling time, and service level versus the actual values.

Two ways notifying messaging module:

Globitel’s WFM offers e-mail and SMS notifications to both supervisors and agents to deliver and receive the required information, details, or updates on selected transactions and events to keep all related parties synched.

Keeping track of scheduling costs through the Full Time Equivalent Calculator

The Full Time Employee (FTE) built-in calculator displays FTE data per day and per schedule. It allows you to see in advance what staff your forecast and actual schedules will require, and what their cost will be, all depending on multiple factors such as number of agents, number of shifts, duration of shifts, working hours/days, number of annual vacations…etc.




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