Improve customer experiences and prevent fraud with seamless, secure biometric authentication and proactive, intelligent fraud detection from Nuance Gatekeeper.

Product Details

Nuance Gatekeeper™ improves experiences and prevents fraud in digital and voice channels by authenticating customers, identifying fraudsters, and detecting suspicious activity, seamlessly and in seconds, based on layered biometrics, environment detection, anti-spoofing, and human trait identification. Through Gatekeeper, organizations reduce friction in customer experiences, enable more services in digital channels with higher trust, and stop new account fraud, account takeovers, and other forms of fraud.

Authenticate and prevent fraud:

Authenticate customers and proactively detect fraudulent activity based on a person’s voice, behavior, use of language, and other biometric factors, layered with environment detection, anti-spoofing, and human trait identification for contextual risk-based decision-making.

Cross-channel, whole-journey:

Gatekeeper can deploy into your IVR, contact center, web and mobile apps, live chat and virtual assistant to deliver fast, secure authentication and fraud prevention at every point in the customer journey.

Unified platform:

As a single solution for integrated, cross-channel authentication and fraud prevention, Gatekeeper reduces the complexity of integrations and simplifies vendor management while delivering better performance, operational savings and efficiency gains.

Trusted partnership:

More than 500 organizations around the world choose Nuance for authentication and fraud prevention, collectively enrolling more than 600 million biometric prints, securing over 8 billion transactions and saving more than $2 billion in averted fraud losses annually.