Making the world's expertise more accessible, reimagining the customer experience through the camera

Product Details

Streem incorporates video engagement into your contact center direct from the Five9 Agent Desktop – empowering your agent to “see what the end-user sees” and walk them through processes and troubleshooting that wouldn’t otherwise be successful using just voice.

We’re on a mission to make the world’s expertise more accessible.   We empower your agents with the latest in computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning technology to create brand-elevating experiences for your end users – reducing handle times, increasing first call resolution, reducing truck rolls and bolstering your NPS.  All of this is available to your Five9 instance via a cloud-based, lightweight technology footprint.  

Video Engagement

Video empowers the agent to see what the customer sees with no app to download on the customer end.  This enables near-perfect passing of contextual information to agent – enhancing empathy and greatly reducing agent handle time. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

With AR, the agent can walk an end user through complicated processes with confidence – “dropping” elements into the end-user screen such as free-form drawings, laser pointers and arrows.  Streem is also able to pick up GPS coordinates and take measurements.

Machine Learning (ML)

Streem uses ML to perform optical character recognition (for serial/model number recognition), object recognition (trained to a specific domain), and spatial meshing – creating a 3D model of the end user environment.

AR Walk-Throughs

Using Streem’s technology, organizations are able to incorporate self-service “walk-through” functionality into their mobile web apps.



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Additional Documentation

Five9 Adapter for Streem Datasheet