ValidSoft offers the world's fastest, most accurate and precise voice biometrics authentication and identification platform: ValidSoft VIP®.

Product Details

ValidSoft provides the best customer experience and is the fastest, most secure, most precise, easiest to deploy voice biometric solution. ValidSoft saves money, stops fraud and eliminates consumer frustration by providing a seamless, secure, omni-channel solution to enable fast, friction-free customer engagement.

Passive and Active Voice Biometric Modes

Transparent and frictionless authentication of callers within 4 – 6 seconds of starting a conversation in the call centre. Fully automated self-help IVR solutions with active (Text-dependent) phrases requiring less than 2 seconds of audio.

Full Five9 Portfolio Support

Both Five9’s Agent Desktop Plus l (ADP) and the Agent Desktop Toolkit Plus (ADT+) adapter are fully supported, ensuring deployment options are as flexible as possible.

Replay and Synthetic Voice Detection

State-of-the-art anti spoofing capabilities to provide strong assurance of the legitimate caller’s identity.

Watchlist Processing

Identify known fraudsters through a blacklist or the identification of premium customers for a tailored experience.


ValidSoft Voice Biometrics supports authentication across all your digital communication channels for the optimum customer experience and security.



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