Virtual Observer

Virtual Observer's Workforce Engagement Management solution is your answer to improving customer communications and maximizing agent productivity

Product Details

Virtual Observer provides Workforce Optimization (WFO) as a service to Five9 customers that is built to be robust, scalable and affordable. Virtual Observer delivers enterprise-class features such as Workforce Management, Quality Monitoring with Screen Capture, Omnichannel Analytics with 100% Transcription, VOC Survey, CRM Integrations, and more.


WFM uses six different forecasting models with historical data to enable highly accurate projections to reduce overstaffing and ensure future staffing needs are met.


Determine staffing needs, availabilities, and skills required with WFM's feature that helps you produce optimized schedules for your entire staff.

Real-Time Adherence

Get the most advanced adherence alerts available and bring your agents into this solution, so they have the tools to monitor their productivity and improve overall efficiency.

Intraday Management

Gain the ability to rapidly shift hundreds of schedules and notify agents instantly. Our Automated Schedule Adjustment Plans (A.S.A.P.) streamlines your intraday WFM processes so you can efficiently flex the schedules of your entire workforce.

WFM Agent Portal

Our rich agent portal was designed to empower your agents by giving them the ability to personalize their portals with themes, layouts, and content placement.

CRM OmniChannel

Our multitude of CRM connectors captures time-on-task from all leading CRM providers. Modern WFM is no longer just for ACD’s and phone conversations. We connect, and collect, interval data for chat, email, social responses and back-office work from actual ticket and transaction data in Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, MS-Dynamics, Zendesk, Freshworks and many more.



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