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Product Details

Add messaging to your Five9 Center and transform your customer experience.

If you use a Five9 contact center, WEBTEXT can bring you the additional channels of SMS text and MMS picture messaging plus Facebook Messenger, Twitter and other popular messaging channels to transform customer experience.

WEBTEXT is the only messaging company fully integrated with Five9 contact centers. We give customers the option to use messaging in support of voice, enabling more customers to be handled in their preferred channel with their preferred device. Your customer's experiences will be transformed and so will your business.

Empower Customers to Communicate in Their Preferred Channel

    WEBTEXT enables Five9 contact centers to employ SMS/MMS, Messenger and Twitter messaging via Five9 Cloud Contact Center to transform customer experience. Messaging enabled Five9 contact centers allow more customers to be handled in their preferred channel with their preferred device

    Seamless Integration

    WEBTEXT cloud-based messaging makes integration into Five9 contact center is fast and easy to deploy. By integrating directly with Five9 chat, reporting is retained from the chat system and agents have increased functionality without having to train, because messaging appears to the agent as just a normal chat

    Intelligent Automated Message Routing

    Increase business productivity by sending SMS messaging campaigns generated by a business system. Responses to automated messages can be routed, based on campaign or message content, back to the business system or Five9 contact center, ensuring customers receive help when they need it most

    Keep Your Voice Provider (US/CAN)

    SMS-enable existing toll/toll-free numbers with no impact to voice service or risk of an outage, allowing an organization to advertise CALL or TEXT the same toll/toll-free number their customers already call