XSELL HiPer powered by Five9 VoiceStream

We combine the best of technology with human authenticity to deliver real time coaching at scale, to every agent, across an entire enterprise.

Product Details

  • Buried deep in your conversational data are causal strategies. Developed over time by your top performers, these are the kind of things that can’t be trained but learned, through hard-earned experience.  When applied to complex conversations, these strategies deliver a superior customer experience.
  • XSELL amplifies these top performer outcomes by harnessing that specialized skill set, with precision at scale, to every single agent enterprise wide.  Consistently applying these strategies help organizations achieve substantial finance growth and reduction in ongoing costs.

Real time AI-coaching for both voice and chat

  • Guided recommendations and decision support to coach agents through a successful customer interaction

Easy connection to existing chat, CRM and telephony

  • Continuous improvement engine to drive better outcomes and strategy

Reporting and analytics to evaluate agent performance

  • Use of XSELL has increase speed to proficiency of new agents by 46%
  • XSELL has provided organizations with 15-20% lift in conversions when our tool is being used over agents not using XSELL solutions.