Unlock the potential of your call recordings with our accurate & cost-effective speech analytics.

Product Details

Yactraq applies speech-based AI for speech analytics as well as conversational computing. Using Yactraq, Five9 customers can increase revenue through sales productivity and training; they can also enhance their brand value through improved customer experience via our advanced customer feedback, QA Automation and Agent Evaluation features. Together Five9 and Yactraq now delivers actionable business insights through speech analytics of call center phone calls.

Predictive Machine Learning

Yactraq customers can benefit from custom predictive machine learning that is uniquely designed for their needs. Customers can predictively prioritize sales leads, or gather customer feedback from all calls. Customers do not need to make the effort to fill out feedback forms and customer satisfaction can be determined in a comprehensive and unbiased manner.

Real Time Agent Support

Real-time capabilities mean that agents always have an ally in Yactraq. Live problem calls are instantly raised to the top of the queue for manual supervisor intervention. Yactraq's Agent Assist Bots can also provide call agents with automated tips and suggestions in real time to help them self-resolve issues thereby enhancing customer service and delivering heightened agent response capabilities.

360 Emotion Analytics

360 emotion detects sentiment based on words spoken, their consequent meaning, as well as voice tonality. When combined these signals can analyse both overt as well as more subtle customer feedback.

Reporting & Security

Yactraq indexes every minute of every customer call, and thereby robotically generates data that can then be made available in user defined reports as well as full transcript search. Yactraq also redacts sensitive personal information like credit card numbers from both the text transcript as well as from call recordings.