Aceyus, Inc.

Aceyus provides Five9 customers with enterprise-wide real-time dashboards, historical reporting, “cradle-to-grave” call detail reporting, and contact center analytics.

Aceyus Platform

With access to real-time events and understanding of trends, Aceyus analytics, reporting, and dashboards give your customers the understanding to elevate customer experiences. Aceyus provides Five9 the flexibility to connect to a wide variety of vendor platforms, which is critical for customer transitions from legacy solutions and enhances the Five9 “land and expand” strategy. Aceyus solutions can be deployed to support “multiple domains” and can operate in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid models.


Enable customers to successfully transition from legacy contact centers to Five9:

Since Aceyus has integrated and deployed with the most popular legacy contact centers, we provide Five9 the ability to successfully migrate customers to Five9’s cloud platform and give them confidence that their information is correct. Aceyus can also operate in a model with “multiple domains” – including scenarios where the legacy and Five9 solutions need to coexist.

Ability to integrate multiple vendors/data sources and deliver a consolidated view of customer information:

Many customers have pursued a “best-of-breed” approach with their contact center solutions.  Aceyus can integrate data from these disparate data sources – including existing Five9 ISV Partners – and provide consolidated reporting and dashboards that streamline operations.

Support for customers with very large-scale and/or distributed environments:

The Aceyus Platform has been implemented in many enterprise contact centers supporting tens of thousands of agents.  Aceyus is the perfect solution to support the Five9 “land and expand” sales model, as you grow your presence in larger enterprise accounts.

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Additional Documentation:

Aceyus/Five9 Product Sheet

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