Clearview Gamification

Level up your contact center with Five9 Gamification (Powered by Clearview) by creating consistent incentives that align with the KPIs and metrics most important to business goals.

Five9 Gamification (Powered by Clearview)

Five9 Gamification makes it possible for contact centers to increase and sustain agent engagement with a consistent recognition and rewards system. The camaraderie built participating in metric-driven games and challenges drives a sense of personal investment for agents, while boosting performance across the contact center.


Rules Engine:

Implement an effective gamification strategy by allowing supervisors to manage coins, badges, challenges, and games in one central location

Games, Challenges and Virtual Coins:

Create competition for metrics between agents, teams, floors or sites with games and challenges that incentivize high performance

Customizable Marketplace:

Supervisors have control over an easy-to-manage online marketplace where agents can redeem sought-after rewards with their virtual coins


Experience a social-working environment where agents can customize user-profiles with avatars, pets, bios, and more

Gamification marketplace

Gamification marketplace

Gamification module

Gamification module

Gamification profile and avatar

Gamification profile and avatar

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