Dyno Analytics

Bridge the gap between digital marketing spend and offline conversions by adding online tracking data directly to an Inbound Call Log natively in Five9.

Dyno for Five9

Together, Five9 and Dyno Analytics simplify offline conversion tracking for customers who use digital marketing to reach their prospects. Adding online tracking data directly to the Five9 Call Log reports, customers gain deeper insights into marketing performance and improve ROI.


Don’t Double Pay for Minutes:

Our partnership with Five9 means you don’t double pay for call time.  Unlike competitive platforms that charge you separately for minutes, Dyno Analytics uses Five9 numbers so the call goes directly your Five9 Contact Center.

Use Website Data During the Call:

Data can be pulled into Five9 as soon as the call connects and leveraged in the IVR before the call ends and the data is saved to reporting.  This means that website data can be used to dynamically route calls, score inbound leads, or even displayed to agents saving them time and improving customer experience. For example, sales reps could know instantly what the caller searched to come to your site, or what product page they were on when they called in.

User Session Level Data:

Capturing data at the user session level means that you report conversion back to different marketing platforms like Google and Facebook programmatically.

Data for Days:

Competitors like to limit and charge extra for more than a handful of data fields captured on the website. Stop trying to decide between 2 important fields and just capture them both. With Dyno, we don’t limit the number of fields you can capture and report back to Five9.

Example IVR: Set up is simple. Dyno IVR module can be added to any IVR that contains numbers that are dynamically swapped on the website.

Customer Call Log Variables: Adding fields to be captured is simple.

Example Report: Example report with Dyno data in it

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