Eckoh delivers a best-in-class, proven enterprise solution for contact center security and we support it with an experienced team of specialists.


      Enterprise contact centers who take Card-Not-Present (CNP) payments are required to comply with PCI DSS audit requirements and guidelines that are ever-changing.  Minimizing risk for phone, web, mobile, chat or app payments, Eckoh’s CallGuard solution can remove all, or part, of the contact center from the scope of the PCI DSS audit – simplifying the compliance burden and allowing the contact center to minimize the risk of a security breach.


      Contact Centers Can Achieve a Higher Level of PCI DSS Compliance:

      As a PCI DSS Level 1 Service provider, Eckoh’s CallGuard Solution minimizes the impact of the annual PCI audit. In the contact center, the PCI responsibility shifts to Eckoh and CallGuard – we provide our AOC to you on an annual basis, greatly minimizing your responsibility. 

      Ease of Implementation for the Contact Center :

      A CallGuard implementation does not place a heavy burden on your IT team – you are not required to develop to tool-kits or APIs. You are not required to change your processes, payment pages, telephony, contact center platforms, payment service providers, etc. However, if you want to change in the future, CallGuard is flexible and easily adapts to these changes. A flexible deployment option allows CallGuard to be deployed as cloud, hosted or on-site. If you change, we are flexible and can adapt – we help to future-proof your technology decisions.

      Customer Experience:

      Customers appreciate the safety and security you provide to them when they are making a payment. This builds trust and loyalty between you and your customer. In addition, CallGuard requires minimal training and ease of adoption by the customer AND agents.  

      Security and Compliance for the Contact Center:

      As a PCI Level Service Provider, Eckoh provides our Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to customers on an annual basis, protecting your contact center and minimizing the burden of the annual PCI audit. 

      With Eckoh’s patented solution CallGuard, your contact center is safe and secure.

      Sensitive card data is prevented from ever entering your environment — these areas are de-scoped.

      Additional Documentation:

      Eckoh Secure Payment Overview 2019

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