Kustomer Inc.

Customer service reimagined: Kustomer makes personalized, efficient and effortless customer service a reality

Kustomer CRM

Real-time, actionable views of customers. Continuous omnichannel conversations. Intelligence that automates repetitive, manual tasks.

Kustomer is the customer-centric, not ticket-centric, platform that lets you know everything about your customers and connect with them everywhere.


Everything You Need —
All in One Screen

Kustomer unifies past interactions, purchase history, and customer data from all your systems and displays it as a single timeline for each customer.

  • Agents never have to switch screens or applications to get the information they need
  • Deliver personalized, data-driven, actionable conversations directly in the agent workspace
  • Accelerate the successful completion of inquiries without asking tedious questions
Support Customers Anywhere

Kustomer’s true omnichannel platform breaks down the communication silos that fragment service experiences, cause agent collision, and frustrate customers.

  • Agents and customers can switch channels at anytime and Kustomer will maintain a single threaded conversation
  • Never lose context and avoid asking customers to repeat information
Proactively Engage Customers

With all your data in Kustomer, the platform’s intelligence lets you keep customers informed and engaged with your brand.

  • Identify and message customers impacted by an issue before they’re even aware
  • Segment customers based on their purchase history and send special offers
  • Conduct proactive engagement directly in Kustomer—no marketing tools required

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