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Provide a vastly improved customer experience by putting knowledge into your agents’ hands within Five9 Agent Desktop Plus.

MindTouch for Five9 Agent Desktop Plus

Embedding MindTouch into Five9 Agent Desktop Plus improves the customer and agent experience by giving your agents immediate access to the knowledge content they need to solve their customers’ problems quickly. Finding answers is easy and possible for any channel interaction type—chat, phone, email, or otherwise improve FCR rates, onboard agents faster, close more cases and keep your customers smiling.


Integrated Knowledge

Agents can find and view knowledge articles and troubleshooting content right within their Five9 Agent Desktop Plus interface, to streamline customer/agent conversations.

Rapid Access to Content

Agents can rapidly drill down to the content they need in one or two clicks, saving more time to focus on the customer.

Customer Self-Service

Share the same knowledge content your agents use with your customers, allowing them to self-serve, which can dramatically reduce call volume and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Customer Insights

MindTouch gives agents a direct view into what content the customer has searched for prior to reaching out. This streamlines customer interactions by ensuring agents know what the customer truly needs based on the content they’ve consumed. It also prevents customer frustration by eliminating redundant agent questions.

Improve the customer and agent experience with embedded knowledge from MindTouch

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