Accelerate the development of your customer experience across all digital channels and ensure the anticipated experience is always delivered to your customers.

Experience Testing System (ETS)

Occam's Experience Testing System (ETS) is the world’s most innovative CX validation and monitoring platform. Packed full of  features and tools, ETS supports the continual development and deployment of customer journeys throughout the contact center.


With unlimited access, organizations can drive collaboration and innovation throughout the entire CX development lifecycle, confidently delivering changes to the customer experience faster and more frequently. ETS also provides real-time continual feedback on the performance of an organization's CX operations, delivering early identification of customer impacting errors.


IVR Discovery

Automatically map out your entire IVR and obtain a true understanding of the experience being delivered to your customer in order to benchmark your platform and identify areas of improvement.

Automatic Test Script Generation

Automatic test script generation delivers an accurate testing script of your IVR operation, saving time, effort and resource while eradicating errors associated with manual test script generation.

Continual Deployment

Accelerate your IVR development using agile and DevOps methodologies to deliver continually improvements and enhancements to your IVR/Self Help operations.

Continual Monitoring

Ensure your systems continually deliver the anticipated customer experience through automated, proactive monitoring and gain detailed insights into issues when they arise.

Discovery: Occam’s Discovery tool speeds innovation

Monitoring: ETS’ “Always on” monitoring

Functional: Test performance to ensure they are working at the desired levels

Additional Documentation:

Occam - ETS Datasheet

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