Playvox equips customer service teams with the most comprehensive agent optimization software suite for quality assurance, performance management, coaching, learning, recognition and agent motivation.

Five9 Connector for Playvox

Together, Five9 and Playvox transform the customer experience. Playvox is a Customer Service Team Quality Assurance Software solution that allows you to monitor and improve all your Five9 calls to evaluate service quality in one centralized place.


Create Scorecards in Minutes

Customize your QA forms, evaluate all your customer calls and give agents real-time feedback on specific scorecard sections and customer service issues.

Generate Reports Based on Your Quality Results

‍Easily identify customer service problems by generating data-driven reports. Share evaluation results with your agents and give them visibility on what can be improved.

Send Targeted Learning Sessions with Our Learning Module

Identify areas in which your agents need to be trained on, send them targeted Learning sessions and easily track their results.

With Our Performance Module, Solve Issues on the Spot with all Your KPIs in One Place

Playvox gives you all the information you need in real-time. Easily measure where your team members stand and identify the KPIs they need to improve on.

Drive Continuous Agent Improvement

Solve issues in NPS, AHT, CSAT, soft skills, among many others.Tailor all coaching templates to your needs, recurring customer service problems and team issues.

Quality analyst dashboards for evaluation and scoring of inbound or outbound communications.  Voice, chat, email, text.  Customized quality scorecards presented to analysts for scoring.

Agent and team performance stats presented in customized, personalized dashboards.  Recognition and coaching tools provided in team leader dashboards.

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