Powering the Listening Enterprise


    Tethr is an AI-powered conversation intelligence platform that surfaces insights from phone calls and chat sessions to enable companies to improve customer experience and loyalty, sales conversion, marketing effectiveness, product feedback and compliance.


    Tethr Insight Library

    Tethr comes standard with hundreds of pre-built insight categories based on work done by leading research organizations as well as Tethr’s own proprietary CX, service and sales research. This enables you to gain immediate access to best-practices insights that will improve results, eliminating the need to invest time and money building insight models.

    Tethr Effort Index

    Every single interaction that flows through Tethr is scored using our proprietary 200+ variable algorithm to allow you to quickly pinpoint the best and worst interactions (and what is driving them).

    Conversation Intelligence

    Tethr analyzes entire conversations to understand context and identify relationships between multiple elements of a call.  It is the only voice analytics solution on the market that allows practitioners to create new, custom insight categories with the click of a button.

    Shared across the Enterprise

    Tethr makes it incredibly easy to share CX insights from conversational data and combine with operational and outcome data in other systems to understand what’s driving your business outcomes. Tethr liberates call center insights making them accessible to leaders across the enterprise including sales, marketing, CX, product and compliance. 

      Conversation visualization and transcript

          Custom dashboards let you identify the most important issues…

              Filter calls and visualize trends

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