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Agent Performance Gamified


CueFit is a new patented employee performance and engagement tool that utilizes behavioral science, gamification, real-time feedback, and rewards systems to increase employee performance and engagement. Agents will self-correct and increasingly grow in engagement.


Customizable KPIs

CueFit allows you to track and benchmark any of the KPIs in the Five9 Contact Center as well as bring in external KPIs from CRMs, WFMs, or other systems.  This flexibility gives you a complete and consolidated view of all the important KPIs for your agents.

Real Time Agent Feedback

CueFit installs a taskbar on the Agent’s desktop to provide constant and persistent feedback.  The agent sees their KPIs in real time, driving them to improve AHT, ACW, CSAT, Utilization, Sales, and more.

Real Time Management Performance Dashboard

Supervisors and Management see the entire team’s performance on one screen in Real Time.  The Five9 APIs allow CueFit to show the real time state (activity) of every agent.


CueFit utilizes game theory of Points, Awards, Achievements, and Rewards to incentive agents and allows you to emphasize the KPIs that are most important to your organization.

    Agent and Supervisor Application

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    CueFit Brochure - Nov. 2019

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