Discover the Secrets of Today’s Digital Consumer

In the age of digital transformation, providing exceptional customer service has never been more important.


Thursday, April 26th
11:00 am PT

Five9 surveyed thousands of consumers and business decision makers for its inaugural Customer Service Index to better understand today's digital consumer, uncovering expectations and behaviors as it relates to customer service. Some of the findings were expected, while others were surprising.

In this webinar, contact center industry analyst Blair Pleasant of COMMfusion, and Niki Hall, VP of Corporate Marketing at Five9, will discuss the key findings from this research, highlighting what was most insightful and unexpected for both of them.

Blair and Niki will discuss why businesses need to adopt strategies to meet these increasing customer expectations to improve customer relationships and remain not only competitive, but also relevant to today's consumer.

Key topics will include:

  • Most preferred channels for today’s consumer
  • Turnoffs that drive customers away
  • How age or gender plays a role in how you engage your customer
  • The top three imperatives businesses need to do to meet the changing needs of their customers
  • How digital transformation is empowering your customer
  • How to improve customer service practices utilizing industry best practices

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Blair Pleasant

Analyst, COMMfusion

Niki Hall

VP of Corporate Marketing, Five9


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