On Demand Webinar: Changes in Customer Communications

On-Demand Webinar

Three C’s of Customer Communication: Cloud Contact Center - And How it Improves Agent and Customer Experiences

Peter Milligan

Product Marketing Manager

David Kane

Director of IT

Kara Korte

Director of Product Management

Customers use multiple channels to reach out and interact with your brand every day. So how do you stay ahead of the variety of ways your customers engage with you while maintaining a great experience?

Faced with similar issues, the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) partnered with Five9 and TetraVX to overcome the changing dynamics in customer communications. By moving their contact center software to the cloud they were able to offer new tools and platforms to their agents that increased productivity and customer engagement. These tools allowed AMAC to exceed their KPIs and create a better customer experience, which increased sales and delivered improved efficiency in the contact center.

In this webinar, learn how AMAC was able to:

  • Increase call volume by 50%

  • Reduce talk time by over 30%

  • Lower call back times from days to minutes

  • Increase commissions

With a combined 65 years of contact call center experience, join Peter Milligan at Five9, David Kane at AMAC, and Kara Korte at TetraVX, to learn how moving to an intelligent cloud contact center improves agent and customer experiences.

On-Demand Webinar

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