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Five9 Helps COVID-19 Vaccine Communication

Five9 COVID Solution Brief Screenshot

COVID-19 is a global pandemic and a national crisis. But the response is delivered at the community level, and communication is key.

Unfortunately, communication is also a real challenge. Providers should use their precious time giving vaccinations or getting rest. Instead, many must sink their time into doing mountains of manual work scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and answering simple questions. Plus, doing the work across various channels and languages while staying HIPAA compliant.

There is a better way. Five9 makes vaccine communication smarter, faster, and easier for healthcare providers. Five9 provides a broad set of solutions to improve vaccine communication, such as Intelligent Virtual Agent, omnichannel routing, mass SMS, API Tool Kit, and more.

Read this solution brief to learn:

  • How our Intelligent Virtual Agent handles appointments, status updates, FAQs, and location services
  • How the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center can engage an agent and provide them contextual information when interactions require live assistance
  • How Five9 can help you quickly set up in the cloud and scale your operation

Brief: COVID Solution Brief