Medical Alert Success Story

Medical Alert Success Story Screenshot

When it needed a more robust contact center solution, emergency monitoring device provider Medical Alert looked to the cloud. Now it has smarter sales campaigns, forecasting tools, and the ability to integrate with other applications—all thanks to Five9.

Company Background

Founded in 1977, Medical Alert, a Connect America company, provides personal emergency monitoring devices that give seniors access to emergency support services at the touch of a button. Customers wear pendants that can activate two-way communication speakers in their homes that automatically connect to 9-1-1 certified agents. When a caller encounters a life-threatening emergency, Medical Alert sends for help and notifies the caller’s family. The company also provides mobile devices that give customers the ability to get help outside of the home.

Medical Alert handles roughly 90,000 inbound calls a month, including 60,000 sales calls and 30,000 support calls. It also makes a significant number of outbound calls for up-selling and cross-selling purposes. The company is based out of Broomall, Pennsylvania and has a total of 350 agents. 

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