NetSuite Success Story

Five9 Contact Center Success Story - NetSuite

Cloud computing leader NetSuite tried multiple contact center providers before finding the call quality and integration capabilities it needed with Five9. Now the company has a highly efficient, enterprise-level platform that is built for growth—and a partner it can trust.

Company Background

San Mateo, California-based NetSuite is the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials/ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites. By providing a single, integrated system that manages all of a company’s business needs in the cloud, NetSuite helps more than 16,000 organizations run more effectively without the high cost and inefficiencies of on-premise systems.

NetSuite customers call into the company for help on everything from password resets to scripting. The company has 329 agents located in multiple global locations—Manila, Toronto, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Japan—and several US cities, including Boston, Las Vegas, Austin, and Atlanta. NetSuite’s call volume averages around 15,000 calls per month at a ratio of 60/40 outbound/inbound calls. 

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