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[PODCAST] Acquisitions and APIs: The First 90 Days at Five9 (pt 1) w/ Anand Chandrasekaran

That's Genius! Podcast

You know when you start a new job and you get a learning period? That time where you soak in knowledge and just sort of figure out what is going on? Anand Chandrasekaran didn’t get that. 

Anand is the EVP of Product Management at Five9, and is approaching his fourth month with the company. 

What have those first few months been like? 

First, Five9 rang the opening bell on the NASDAQ last week and announced the acquisition of Whendu, enabling a no code, customized way to help move your contact center to the cloud. 

Second, Five9 announced a new API, which allows the user to take voice calls and put them through a voicestream API, building reusable integrations. 

Because the most successful companies on earth are the ones that are ones that are leveraging network effects. Recognizing that the more people that are a part of your network, the more valuable your network is. 

We got to spend time with Anand on the That’s Genius podcast recently. So much time in fact, that we split the interview into two parts. 

Look for the second part of the interview to drop soon, and check out part one here.