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[PODCAST] Master Agents in the Time of COVID-19 w/ Kevin Thomsen and Jake Butterbaugh

That's Genius!

Back in December, Zoom had 10 million active users. In March, when they launched their Master Agent program? They had 300 million. In 3 months, they ended up with 30 times as many users as they had before Christmas. 

Let’s face it, companies are going to have to change. If this pandemic had hit the world 15 years ago, the entire global economy would have come grinding to a halt. 

But companies like Zoom have given the world new ways to work. They’ve taken something as terrible as a pandemic, and used it to create opportunity. What was once a respectable IPO has turned into a verb. 

“Hang on, let me Zoom my teacher about that.”

“I’ll be there in a minute, I’m Zooming with Mom and Dad.”

Even your grandparents know how to use Zoom. How many cloud based video communication platforms can you say that your grandparents understand or even know exist? 

On the most recent episode of That’s Genius!, we sat down with Kevin Thomsen who is the Head of Master Agents at Zoom. 

We talked all about their Master Agent program, what the future holds for video conferencing, and why he thinks this pandemic is going to catapult the true remote workforce to the top of the pile. 

You can listen to the full podcast, here.

Now, are you late for your next Zoom call?