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[PODCAST] Stabilize. Enhance. Transform. w/ Martin Cross

Stabilize. Enhance. Transform. w/ Martin Cross

Is AI a buzzword? To a large extent, it is. But the trick lies in finding practical ways to implement AI and machine learning. 

Here are a few:

1. Reduce your contact center volume with natural language understanding and conversational bots. 

See, AI systems can grasp the customer's intent and deliver an answer without having to wait for an agent. 

You're doing two things: 

  • Reducing your cost of delivery. An agent doesn't have to take the call.
  • Improving the customer experience. The customer doesn't have to wait for the call. 

2. Let the bot assist the agent.

These systems can transcribe what the customer says, look up an answer in the knowledge base, and present that answer to your agent.

Consequently, your agent instantly transforms into a faster, more knowledgeable person with a lower average handling time. (Plus, you get consistency because you're automating the answer process.)

3. Analyze the conversations you're having with your customers and surface insights that allow you to improve your service.

On a recent episode of That’s Genius!, we talked with Martin Cross, Group CTO at Conn3ct, about how to deploy AI in contact centers and much more.

Listen to my conversation with Martin, here.