I am Katie Fisher. I am the US call center supervisor for Olympus and they sell non-destructive testing equipment, remote video inspection equipment. They're usually just handheld devices for non-destructive testing. We're still pretty small but we have 70 to 80 agents. We are a very new call center so we started in the cloud we've stayed in the cloud. We find that the transition from one cloud to another was pretty seamless, which is awesome and we knew if we went with the premise decision at that time it was not going to be easy. It was gonna be a bigger implementation and we were looking for a quicker fix. I think one of the biggest things that we liked was that it was integrated with NetSuite. We have come over the past couple of years to use NetSuite for a lot of our Order Entry exchanging into our ERP portal. So that was a huge benefit for us that it was integrated. I love the supervisor app. We never had anything like that before. We could not tell you how long people have been logged on who's on you know to be able to manually log them out if we need to you know sort of see the whole dashboard. That's been really great. The reporting was a huge surprise for us. The fact that it could be automatically emailed or automatically sent out certain times that you could pick and choose the fields that you want in the reporting we never had that before.