Administrator for Service & Support

In this demo, we're going to see how Five9 leading technology makes it easy for businesses to stay flexible with changing support needs. Here, we'll see an administrator set up queues scripts and agent tools for managing customer service and support. We'll follow the call center administrator Stephanie Provenza as she goes through the process for a new product introduction the blue seven thousand. Stephanie Works for Blue Ruby a company that makes G.P.S. devices and apps for the iPhone and Android. First Stephanie starts and the administrator console where she will set up call routing for any questions that come in around the blue seven thousand. She'll create a new skill for agent and name it Tier 3 support queue. Then she'll select the agents who are qualified to take calls for the blue seven thousand. After selecting the agents who can take calls. Stephanie will edit the actual call flow. Here we have the Blue Ruby call flow. It starts with a welcome message and then waits for a prompt from the customer on which product they need help with. From here Stephanie can create a new branch of our call tree for the blue seven thousand. In this case, the customer will need to press or say two to get to blue seven thousand support. Using simple drag and drop functionality. Stephanie defines the routing for the blue seven thousand calls. As you can see it's easy to set up a new product and Five9 with innovative graphical interfaces an instant on queues.