Bernard Success Story


My name is Matt Zemon. I'm the president and CEO of American support. American support is a telesales company providing video, voice, and data, inbound, and outbound sales support to five of the top 10 cable companies in America. We rely on Five9 as our virtual call center platform. And then we use as our CRM and then a lot of other cloud-based tools or applications to allow us to be nimble to respond to our client's needs. I don't know how outsourcers still have premise-based equipment anymore. It just doesn't make any sense to me. There is a constant need for capital to upgrade the solution. You're not getting the latest feature releases on a schedule that you get with your cloud-based providers. You need a whole bunch of people to maintain that system and not just monitor but actually maintain it. The context that are in the cloud solution frees you up to do what you're great at. In our case that's sales, we want to focus on selling more for our clients. We want to use technology but we have no interest in building technology. So when I started the business I did pick a cloud-based contact center solution that was not Five9 and that was a very good solution for inbound. As we got into the outbound world we had a premised based outbound dialer that was fine but it had challenges specifically around answering machine detection. When you are in the outbound sales business your contacts per hour matter and you need state of the art answering machine detection and our premise-based solution just wasn't keeping up. So for us moving to a single Five9 solution has made a life remarkably better for us as a company. Five9 call center in the cloud technology absolutely gives us a competitive advantage. 

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